Being from Southern California, now don't stop reading, I've been in Montrose Colorado for 5 years. I also lived in South Lake Tahoe for five years, and in Helena, Montana for two years. So I know a few things about winter and the cold. You will need things to stay warm that you may have never even thought of.

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When I first moved to Lake Tahoe 12 years ago, I really had to adapt to snow, cold, berms, you name it. The first time I brushed my teeth, I was in shock when the water wasn't warm enough. My best friend was socks, and two pairs were better than one. I also learned never to leave the house with wet hair, it was like icicles in two minutes. Don't get me started on the snow totals. When I left there winter of 2017 they had a record 550 inches, shoveling snow a foot at a time is no fun!

Now then I was off to Helena, Montana. You talk about cold. I worked in the morning and 10 below for a month was not my idea of fun. The ice is the biggest issue, whether trying to walk on it or drive in it. Ice is ice, I don't care what anyone tells you.

Now that I've been in Montrose, Colorado for just under five years, it's awesome! I've had the experience of snow before, so it can feel more like a country club winter. It is quite cold from time to time. So I've compiled a list of what you will need if you live in any snowy mountain place. Feel free to add a few that I may have forgotten. Oh and those things on top of cars after a big snow, I call them "snow mattresses," in Lake Tahoe I've seen singles, doubles, even triples.

Mountain Must haves in the Winter

My List of Winter Essentials!

You're Never Far Away From a Snow Tubing Hill In Colorado

Snow tubing is a great winter sport because it is so much fun and it's something that families can do together. Another cool thing about tubing is the fact you don't need to buy a bunch of expensive and special gear you're only going to use one time.

Here is a look at some of the snow tubing options you'll find throughout Colorado this winter. Hopefully, you can enjoy some great Colorado fun in the snow.

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