The Four Corners Monument in southwestern Colorado is a special place and it is like no other spot in the entire country.

How Much Do You Know About the Four Corners Monument?

Everybody knows about Four Corners. It's the only spot in the entire country that is shared by four states. But, there's a good chance you don't know much about the history of the Four Corners Monument and what is there today.

Dramatic Changes In Recent Years At the Monument

I remember visiting Four Corners back in the 70s on a trip down to Arizona. I thought it was so cool to be able to stand in four different states at the exact same time. Unfortunately, I didn't have a cell phone at the time to snap a selfie souvenir of the geographic experience.

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The Four Corners Monument has changed dramatically since that memorable day of childhood. The monument has been completely rebuilt and turned into a full-fledged tourist stop that requires an admission fee. You'll also find a vendor market where you can buy artwork and authentic Navajo and Ute souvenirs. You can even find real Navajo tacos and frybread.

The Controversy of the Monument

The Four Corners Monument is actually maintained by the Navajo National Parks and Recreation Department. It serves as a boundary between the Navajo Nation and the Ute Tribe Reservation. There has been much controversy over the years regarding the accuracy of where the monument. New Mexico once sued the state of Colorado because of questions about actual borders. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Colorado to settle the matter.

13 Facts About Southwest Colorado's Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument is a unique and historical landmark in southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico, southeast Utah, and northeast Arizona. It's the only place like it in the United States. Here are 13 facts about the Four Corners Monument you probably didn't know.

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