As kids, we undoubtedly were exposed to a little classic Disney movie by the name of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and if we were young enough, maybe even thought that something like that could happen in real life.

A child's mind can wander to a magical place filled with little guys named Happy, Sleepy, and Doc just by entering a forest.

Well, believe it or not, that kind of a thing actually does sort of exist in Colorado in the form of Gnome Road.

What is Colorado's Gnome Road?

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Gnome Road is an interesting place, to say the least. Located just northwest of Fort Collins near Red Feather Lakes, what appears to be an ordinary dirt road in the wilderness is far from it.

Upon entering Gnome Road, or as it's also known, Elf Lane, you're greeted by a sign that says the following:

Do not take us, break us, or relocate us as we live here on Elf Lane to watch over children and all the little animals :)

This sign is referring to the multitude of gnome figurines that are spread all over the sides of the road.

Apparently, the phenomena began with just one person leaving a lawn gnome in the area which motivated other visitors to follow suit, resulting in a magical area filled with these gnome figurines.

In addition to gnomes, you'll find all kinds of other wayward toys like action figures, pigs, and even Spongebob Squarepants.

Take a virtual tour of this magical place known as Colorado's Gnome Road:

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