Montrose, Colorado is a beautiful place to live. Small enough to get that small-town feel, but with enough space for you to stretch your legs. It stands to reason that we'd want that from our homes, as well.

But what we want more than space, is not to have to break the bank to get it. I know, that's harder and harder to do these days, but it is not impossible. As a matter of fact, we've stumbled across a wonderful home for sale that's less than $500,000. It isn't cheap, but you'll definitely get all that legroom you're looking for.

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With 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 2-car garage, this ranch-style is the definition of a suburban abode, with plenty of space for you, the spouse, and any kiddos you may have running around beneath your feet. But, it's not just space you're getting. This home boasts beautiful views (par for the course out here on the Western Slope, I know) that you can enjoy on your covered porch and four-foot patio extension.

Speaking of those views, the most notable among them would be the Bear Creek Subdivision. Marvel at the beautiful groundskeeping, as well as the private pond - exclusive to Bear Creek homeowners!

Whether you're looking for space for the family, or just a wonderful view of the sunset to close your day, you may not have to look much further. This home ticks each of those boxes perfectly and isn't so pricey that you'd have to be a billionaire to afford it. Definitely worth the look!

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