It's probably a small amount of people that know about how you can find black-colored red foxes in Colorado; a even fewer amount who've ever come across one, in the wild.

If you've ever been to Walden, Colorado, you've probably seen some of the most beautiful things nature has to offer. Have you ever spotted, though, a black red fox?

Red Fox
Qijin Xu on Upsplash

We've all heard of red foxes in Colorado, they can be found just about anywhere. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

Red fox can be found in most habitats in Colorado. They are common in open woodlands, pasturelands, riparian areas, and agricultural lands. Red fox can also be successful urban dwellers and often do well on the margins of urbanized areas.

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Ask your friends if they know how many color "phases" a red fox can have. I'd be surprised if they knew the answer is four: Red, Cross, Silver and Black. Red is most-common, while the other three are rare in Colorado. A black, red fox was spotted by a CPW ranger, recently. The ranger kept their distance, as they should but managed get some footage.



CPW notes that you can tell, regardless of the color, that you're looking at a red fox by one clear characteristic:

In all color phases, red fox have a characteristic white-tipped tail.

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