The way humans get around has evolved significantly over the last century. From a country that once used horse-and-buggies as the main mode of transportation to people now having the option to charter private planes, drive an electric vehicle, or even hop onto a stray scooter sitting on the sidewalk and go – getting to places quickly is easier now than ever before.

Modern transportation has also brought forth the idea of ride-sharing. While taxis were once the only choice, newer companies like Uber and Lyft, have made it possible for people to book a driver easily and quickly with the press of a button. These ride-share services safely transport passengers from Point A to Point B and allow both the user and driver to rate each other based on the experience.

In 2019, Uber elevated their ride-sharing services even higher, when the company announced they'd now be offering helicopters as a type of transportation to choose from on the public platform. As of now, UberCopter is only available in New York City, with flights to and from John F. Kennedy Airport.

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Following in Uber's footsteps, another company called Blade Helicopter, started offering on-demand heli-transportation for users in participating cities. The places where Blade is currently available are New York City, the Hamptons, and Nantucket, as well as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Aspen, and the Jersey coast.

Although Aspen is the only Colorado city on the list right now offering this type of air taxi service, that could possibly change in years to come. Could you imagine being able to avoid I-25 traffic during rush hour to get to DIA?

Another company, Joby Aviation, is working on its own airborne-based commercial transit service.

Prices vary depending on who the helicopter flight is booked through. However, in all cases, the transit time is incredibly faster than when traveling by car.

Using helicopters for urban air transportation may soon become an increasingly popular option. As innovative businesses begin to make this idea easier and more accessible in more cities across the country, it's likely this mode of transportation will continue to take off in many more places.

The idea seems futuristic, but look how far we've already come.

A Pictorial History of Air Travel in Western Colorado

From time to time an aircraft has to make an emergency landing in a Grand Junction, Colorado neighborhood. Hey, it happens. Back in the 70s and 80s, Grand Junction was home to an amazing hot air balloon festival at Sherwood Park.

Grand Junction photographer Robert Grant was an aviation enthusiast and a licensed pilot. Here are a few shots of various aircraft spotted around Western Colorado (and one that wasn't). Stick through to the end of the gallery to see a photo from what I believe may have been the proudest moment of Bob Grant's career.

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