Montrose, Colorado is a great place. If you love outdoor activity, small-town charm, and gorgeous views, Montrose has you covered on all fronts. Not to mention all the great events at venues like the Pavilion and the Event Center. It always seems like there's something happening in Montrose, designed specifically to get you out of the house for the evening or a weekend.

That's all well and good, but I'm not that guy. No, I'm what I like to stubbornly refer to as an "indoor kid." You see, I like to keep my time out of the house to an absolute minimum. I may head out for dinner from time to time, but I've got a permanent reservation with my couch that goes back far enough to take precedence. The way I see it, it's 2023: there are plenty of activities available for me to amuse myself in my own home, why involve other people? It's a wonder I ever met my wife.

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If you like tropes, you'll correctly assume that the activity of choice for many "indoor kids" is playing video games. Yes, I am quite the gamer. I may have given that one away with some of my previous work. As a gamer, I'm constantly on the lookout for new games to play, obviously. I am also a staunch supporter of local business, whenever I can be. Unfortunately, there aren't many places in Montrose wherein those two worlds combine.

If you do a search for "video games Montrose Colorado," you don't wind up with many results for actual places to physically go and purchase video games in town. You may come across some games at some of the local pawn shops, sure, but you're mostly contained to shopping for virtual worlds at Target and Wal-Mart. Glad to give my dollar to workers in town, but even those stores are starting to get out of the video game-selling business altogether.

In my search, the only specialty video game shop I could find was Retro Gaming Japan on Townsend, but they seem geared toward online sales and a retro gaming crowd. Strange, given the name, but I'm not in that particular demographic. I'm not saying I need to always be on the cutting edge, but retro gaming takes a level of dedication that I just don't have. It's like collecting baseball cards or building computers; too much work for me, brother.

Maybe I've missed a place, and feel free to let me know on the app if I did, but it looks like we Montrose gamers have a dearth of choices as to where to spend our dollars in town. It's a shame, yes, but if the business isn't there, can you really blame folks for shying away? Buying video games digitally has never been easier, and I'll admit that I buy a lot of my games that way too, but doesn't that mean we only have ourselves to blame when local shop owners no longer want to cater to an audience that isn't there?

Then again, it could just be all those "outdoor kids" ruining everything for the rest of us, with their social lives and sports. We may never know for certain.

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