Did you know that nearly half of the homes in Colorado have high levels of radon?

January Is National Radon Action Month

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, an alarming number of Coloradans are at risk of developing lung cancer because of high levels of radon in their homes. More than 500 lung cancer deaths each year in Colorado are attributed to radon, which is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among non-smokers in America. That's 21,000 deaths every year.

How Does Radon Get In My Home?

Radon comes from the ground. It's a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has no color, odor, or taste. It's released from soil, rocks, and water. Radon gas can enter a home through small openings like cracks in the foundation, openings around pumps and drains, and crawl spaces.  You could be living with this unwelcome guest and never know it.

Why Should I Care About Radon?

Radon exposure studies have shown that children can be at a greater risk for developing cancer when radon is present in the home. Even your pet can be susceptible to the effects of radon because of how much time they spend close to the ground and their smaller lung capacity.

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What Are My Options?

You could hire a professional to come in and test your home for radon, but it wouldn't be cheap. Or you could order a short-term radon test kit from CDPHE for $17.00. Long-term kits will cost $27.00. The CDPHE is offering the low-cost testing program, especially for families who may not be able to afford to rest for radon otherwise. If you have a radon mitigation system in your home, it's recommended that you still retest your home every few years to make sure the system is working properly.

Is Your Family's Health and Life Worth $17?

Most people will likely ignore this message, thinking "it'll never happen to me." Or they'll think they can't do anything about it anyway because of what it could cost to repair foundation cracks or to take other measures to prevent radon from getting into the home. But, at the very least, testing your home for radon could give you great peace of mind to know that your family is not at increased risk of developing life-ending cancer.

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