When it comes to having a family, one certain element is pretty important. The place you live. We're not just talking about the home your family lives in, but the city your family lives too.

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There are many great cities in the United States to raise a family. In fact, you might be raising your family in one right now. Things to tend to change as the years pass and the needs of your family grow. It might be a bigger home, a different job, a better school for your children, and many other life challenges. You always want to do what is best for the family.

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If moving may be in your future plans for your family, you are going to want to take a look at the list that Scholaroo compiled for the best cities to raise a family.  Much to our surprise, the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado has ranked the worst.

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Denver wasn't just ranked as one of the worst on the list, it was ranked dead last as the worst city to raise a family in 2023.


The factors that Scholaroo used are based on safety, healthcare, finances, education, leisure, quality of life, and home atmosphere. While Denver didn't rank last on the list in any particular category, the capital city did rank in very last place overall.

The other lowest-ranking cities to raise a family included Stockton, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN, and Santa Ana, CA. While on the opposite side of the spectrum, the best cities to raise a family include Las Cruces, NM, Burlington, VT, Charleson, WV, Warwick, RI, and the number one spot went to the city of Yonkers, NY.

Other Colorado cities that made the list include Aurora, ranked 68, and Colorado Springs, ranked 26. For more information, you can visit Scholaroo.

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