The Blue Angels are coming back to Grand Junction.

If you have never seen an air show in Grand Junction, you're going to get your chance later this year when West Star Aviation presents the U.S. Navy Blue Angels Aerial Demonstration Team and the 2023 Grand Junction Air Show. If you are seeing the Blue Angels for the first time you will be blown away.

The Blue Angels Perform Mind-Blowing Maneuvers

Of course, the precision with which the Blue Angels pilots perform is nothing short of amazing as the fighter jets fly as close as 18 inches to each other during the Diamond 360 Maneuver. Then there is the power and the incredible sound of the jets as they go zipping by at speeds up to 700 mph - which is about half as fast as they are capable. It would not be surprising if the word "wow" comes out of your mouth numerous times during the show.

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Grand Junction Air Show Coming In October

The Blue Angels will take to the skies over Grand Junction on October 14 and 15 as the main attraction of the 2023 Air Show at Grand Junction Regional Airport. The airshow will be a two-day event that will feature a variety of military and non-military aircraft and a number of aerial performers including:

  • Hot Streak Jet Truck
  • George Cline - Air Boss
  • F-35 Single Ship Demo
  • Power Addiction/BradWuersten
  • Bob Freeman Airshow
  • Vanguard Squadron
  • F4U Corsair - Korean War

Getting Tickets for the Grand Junction Air Show

Tickets for the Grand Junction 2023 Air Show go on sale this spring. Thousands of people will be attending the air show on both days, and I can tell you from my personal experience you won't want to miss this Grand Junction event.

15 Amazing Facts About the U.S. Navy Blue Angels

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A Pictorial History of Air Travel in Western Colorado

From time to time an aircraft has to make an emergency landing in a Grand Junction, Colorado neighborhood. Hey, it happens. Back in the 70s and 80s, Grand Junction was home to an amazing hot air balloon festival at Sherwood Park.

Grand Junction photographer Robert Grant was an aviation enthusiast and a licensed pilot. Here are a few shots of various aircraft spotted around Western Colorado (and one that wasn't). Stick through to the end of the gallery to see a photo from what I believe may have been the proudest moment of Bob Grant's career.

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