Where I grew up, navigating the streets was pretty easy. From the middle of town, the streets going East, and West were numerical.  You could live on East 21st, or on West 21st. The streets that ran North and South were alphabetical, and to make it easier, the names went from A to Z, and then started over with A.

I had a hard time in Montrose when I moved here, as the street names weren’t like that. I did hear a trick many years ago, for 3 of the streets. East of Townsend, you’ll find Cascade, Uncompahgre, and Park. The trick was to remember to spell the word cup, and I still find myself using it.

Then there’s Grand Junction. The first time I was given directions to someplace on D and ¾ road, I thought it was a joke. There’s also a 32 1/8 road. I think that’s why I get antsy going to a Grand Junction address I’m not familiar with.

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I started thinking about street names. I wondered if there are any unusually named streets in our state. There are.

There are many more unusual street names in these parts.

I did find one street name in the town of Fountain. The name of the street is “A Dog Will Lick His Butt But Won’t Eat a Pickle Road.” According to a report from KRDO Radio in Colorado Springs, the sign was put up to satisfy a demand by a local HOA, but evidently, it’s not recognized by the City of Fountain as a real road name.

I guess if you had the option to name the street you live on, you might as well make it a fun one.

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There sure are some strange street names in Colorado

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