Under normal circumstances, vehicles cannot drive across Colorado's Royal Gorge, the tallest suspension bridge in the United States. For a few weeks this holiday season, that's going to change.

Starting mid-November 2022, the Royal Gorge will become a drive-thru lights display extravaganza.

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Your Chance To 'Drive' Across Colorado's Royal Gorge

When I was little, visitors were allowed to drive across the Royal Gorge. That stopped in 2013 when the bridge was limited to pedestrian traffic. Then, in 2020, courtesy of COVID-19, vehicles were allowed to drive across the bridge in order to maintain social distancing. Now, the bridge is back to "pedestrian-only" traffic.

What's The Spin?

For November and December 2022, the Royal Gorge will become a drive-thru holiday light display. According to Out There Colorado, "Bridge Of Lights" will commence on November 18, 2022. A news release from Royal Gorge Bridge & Park reads:

Bridge of Lights will give every guest the opportunity to not only drive across America’s Bridge, but to do so at night while enjoying the wonder of the season through beautiful light displays. Holiday music will be playing throughout the drive on the park-wide sound system. The Park will showcase thousands of lights leading to and from the centerpiece of the event, the Royal Gorge Bridge; an experience sure to become a time-honored Christmas tradition

Schedule For 'Bridge of Lights'

  • November 18th – 27th (Closed Thanksgiving)
  • December 1st – 4th
  • December 8th – 11th
  • December 15th – 31st (Closed Christmas Day)

Times for 'Bridge of Lights': 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

How Much Will This Set You Back?

The price for Bridge of Lights is:

  • $35 per car online
  • $40 per car at the gate
  • $30 per car for Season Pass holders online

Where To Find The Royal Gorge

You'll find the Royal Gorge at 4218 Colorado Road 3A in Canyon City, Colorado. If heading from Denver/Colorado Springs, head south on I-25 and take Exit 140 toward Canon City. If you're heading from the Western Slope, take Highway 50 east and turn right on County Road 3A.

Royal Gorge Bridge of Lights map
Google Maps / Canva

Awesome Added Perks To 'Bridge of Lights'

In addition to the lights, visitors can enjoy hot cocoa and cookies available for purchase.

An Awesome Colorado Attraction To Visit

The Royal Gorge is no youngster. It's coming up on its 100th birthday. That's right, construction began on the Royal Gorge in 1929. It took a total of six months to complete. Since then, over 26 million people have visited the attraction.

"Bridge of Lights" sounds like a fun and unique way to celebrate the holidays. The Royal Gorge is an amazing site under normal circumstances. This may be the perfect family event for the 2022 holiday season.

Facts You May or May Not Know About Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge

Constructed in 1929, by Lon Piper of San Antonio, Texas, and the president of the Royal Gorge Bridge and Amusement Company as a tourist attraction. The bridge spans the 1,250 feet deep Royal Gorge carved by the Arkansas River, resting 955 feet above the rushing whitewater.

While the main attraction of the area is the massive bridge, the "amusement park" also features rides for kids, a zipline across the gorge, gondola rides, and of course, walking across the bridge. Automobiles can drive across the bridge before the attractions are opened or after they are closed.

Sites You'll See On the Royal Gorge Route Railroad

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad runs throughout the year which means you can schedule a trip just about anytime whether it's for a special occasion or just a summertime excursion. Here's a look at some of the sites you'll see on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad.

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