As Western Colorado moves through the dog days of summer, many are noticing the low water levels in our rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

In Grand Junction, many have noticed the low water level of the Colorado River at Las Colonias River Park. Earlier in the year, Highline Lake had to delay the opening of its boat ramp due to low water levels. Here in August, we have word that low water at Rifle Gap Reservoir has forced an early closure of that access point.

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The Boat Ramp Is Closing at Rifle Gap Reservoir

Colorado Parks and Wildlife have announced that the boat ramp at Rifle Gap Reservoir is closing due to low water levels at the reservoir. Much of the water in this reservoir is used for irrigation, and the water really has not had to catch up from the drought of 2021. Motorized watercraft will no longer be able to access the water from this ramp beginning next week until further notice.

Parks and Wildlife Reports the Ramp will Close on August 15th

On August 15th, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will close off the ramp for motorized watercraft. The next best option for motorized watercraft in the area will be to use the Harvey Gap Reservoir just down the road from Rifle. The Harvey Gap Reservoir is located north of Silt, Colorado on I-70.

Activities Still Available at Rifle Gap Reservoir

Kayaks and paddleboards can still enter the water from the ramp at Rifle Gap Reservoir. The hiking and biking trails, campgrounds, and shoreline fishing are all still activities you can enjoy at the reservoir. We just need to let it fill back up for the boats to be allowed back in safely. Fingers crossed that we see the water levels go back up next year.

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