Colorado is famous for being high. (No I'm not talking about that kind of high right now) but elevation wise, the state itself sits up there pretty high.

Colorado's "lowest point" which sits at 3,317 feet in far Eastern Colorado at the Arikee River is higher than 18 other states' highest points.

Denver is known all over the world as the  "Mile High City," sitting at 5,280 feet in elevation. But Fort Collins isn't far behind, sitting just a shade under at approximately 5,000 feet. Colorado Springs sits even higher at just above 6,000 feet.

While all of those are impressive, it's nothing compared to some of the highest towns in Colorado. But what town in Colorado sits the highest? That would be the town of Alma which sits WAAAAAY up there at 10,578 feet.

Recently, I was up at Central City and Blackhawk recently (which sit at around 8,000 feet), it got me thinking about which towns in Colorado were perched the highest above sea level.

I'd love to just drive around to different areas of the state to check out the highest towns in elevation, but I'd probably have to take out a loan to pay for the gas to drive to all of these places. So, I just went searching online and utilized the old Google machine ... and here's what I found in terms of the towns in Colorado that sit at the highest elevation in Colorado.

Here Are Colorado's 25 Highest Towns In Elevation

15 Best Small Towns in Colorado to Visit

Whether they might be ski towns, old mining towns, or towns known for their hot springs, Colorado has no shortage of great small towns. I've lived in four very different parts of Colorado in my 34 years on this planet, (Eagle, Pueblo, Fort Collins, and Grand Junction,) and have traveled all over the state.

However, The Crazy Tourist's list of the 15 best small towns to visit in Colorado actually features some towns that I've never been to.

According to The Crazy Tourist, these are the 15 best small towns to visit in Colorado.

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