When it comes to Colorado, we love our sports. We have essentially every professional sport anyone could ever want in the state too. When it comes to Colorado residents becoming professional sports players, how does the state rank?

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You would think pretty good since a lot of sports happenings occur all around the state of Colorado. Well, Colorado residents aren't all that good at becoming professional players. In fact, Colorado ranks as one of the lowest-producing states for professional athletes overall.

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According to NY Bet, Colorado is ranked 45th when it comes to professional athletes from each state. Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico finish out the remaining four slots for the lowest-producing states for professional athletes.

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Professional Athletes From Colorado

This is how many Colorado professional athletes play in each league:

  • MLB - 100 Colorado players
  • NBA - 20 Colorado players
  • NHL - 18 Colorado players
  • NFL - 192 Colorado players

The total number of players from the state of Colorado is 330. Colorado averages approximately 5.7 players per 100,000 residents. The states that produce the most professional athletes per 100,000 people:

  • Ohio - 24.5 players per 100k people
  • Pennsylvania - 25.2 players per 100k people
  • Alabama - 27 players per 100k people
  • Louisana - 30.9 players per 100k people
  • Mississippi - 35.4 players per 100k people

Overall, it is pretty interesting to see where most of the professional athletes come from. You can see the full breakdown of the study on NY Bet.

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