Like any civilized area with a lot of history, Colorado is, out of necessity, full of cemeteries. However, one cemetery also has an enormously tall building that serves the same purpose; being the final resting place for deceased Coloradans that is truly unique.

Keep scrolling to learn about Colorado's gigantic, seven-story mausoleum, the Tower of Memories.

Location of Colorado's Tower of Memories

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As mentioned above, the Tower of Memories is a seven-story mausoleum that serves as the final resting place for many souls. It's located at 7777 W. 29th Avenue Wheat Ridge, CO 80033:

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Google Maps

The Tower of Memories is actually part of the Crown Hill Cemetery in the Denver suburb of Wheat Ridge:

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Google Maps

Keep scrolling to learn more about the mausoleum and take a virtual tour through photos.

About Colorado's Tower of Memories Mausoleum

The Tower of Memories was designed back in 1926 by Charles Smith but was delayed by numerous factors leaving it to eventually be finished just following World War II.

The mausoleum is 158 feet tall and is really something to behold. However, despite its jaw-dropping outward appearance, it is even more remarkable inside.

Inside the Tower of Memories you will find countless graves right in the stone walls. Some of these final resting places are in rooms specific to families, some are in urns on display, and some are decorated with pictures, flowers, and other items.

There is also a chapel inside of the mausoleum with more final resting places, countless masonic symbols throughout, as well as other symbols you may not recognize right off the bat.

Take a virtual tour of Colorado's Tower of Memories:

Colorado is Home to a Fascinating Seven-Story Mausoleum

Take a virtual tour of Colorado’s Tower of Memories, a seven-story mausoleum that serves as the final resting place for many.

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