The world seems like it is caving in around us. Everyone these days has a short fuse while taking so many things to heart. It's like you can't say anything without hurting someone's feelings. So on Fridays, I give everyone a chance to vent. I am well aware that other Local Social Media outlets with message boards where folks can go to get their anger out. But doing it in the middle of the week seems to affect our daily MOJO. So every Friday forthcoming, I'll be posting a FORGET ABOUT IT FRIDAY. Say what you have to say to get it off your chest. Then, we want you to "FORGET ABOUT IT."

Here we go.

Rik - Is it just me, or does Montrose have a problem with Stop Signs? Everyday I see someone roll right thru without stopping. You do know that the sign is not just a suggestion.

Stop sign on a white table represents warning and prohibition, three-dimensional rendering

Marilyn - Hey Mr/Mrs Millennial. 4 hour work days shouldn't be tiring.

Angie - Tired of grumpy old farts sitting around at the bar having tires, worn out conversations like complaining about kneeling for the flag. that was so 5 years ago fellas.

Tammi - People still speeding in the school zones

School Zone Speed Limit Sign
Garrett Aitken
School zone speed limit sign in front of trees

Lisa - When I pay for a 60 minute massage, I want a 60 minute massage. not a 50 minute. I doesn't take me 10 minutes to get on the table.

Alex - The light at Main and Park sucks. 


Sign for Traffic Roundabout Intersection
A reflective sign directs traffic around a newly-constructed traffic roundabout intersection.

Ken- Put down your phone and pay attention when you drive!

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Michelle - People that leave their dog poop along the walking trail and don’t pick it up. I saw at least 10 piles in my short 1 mile walk. I have to tell my dog to “leave it” constantly because he smells them all.

No dog poop allowed

Tony - How hard is it to put your shopping cart back in the racks at City Market and not up against someone else's car.

Fashion smiling hipster woman having fun taking picture self-portrait on the digital tablet pc wearing a sunglasses with skateboard sitting in the shopping trolley cart outdoors

Morgan - Spent 700$ on oxygen concentrator for my daughter with seizures because no company could send me one that didn't reek of perfume and now the new one doesn't even work! Granted they are going to send me another but I have to pay shipping and she has to wait for oxygen which scares the crap out of me. I just want things to make my kid safe. It's so frustrating

I think most of us would agree with you Morgan, All our medical costs are thru the roof.

Sad depressed young teenage girl sitting by wall

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