It's pretty common to see a giant star hanging on an exterior wall of barns and homes in Colorado, but did you know that they're more than just a pretty decoration?

These bold stars are also known as Pennsylvania stars or primitive stars, and it turns out they are not just a Colorado thing but a trend all over rural America.

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According to Taste of Home, the first people to hang primitive stars on the side of barns were Dutch and German settlers. The stars were hung to ward off evil and bring good luck to farmers, and they still hold the same symbolism today.

Bluebonnet Trail Barn on the Hill, Near Ennis Texas
Jennifer Coulter

What do barn star colors mean?

Different color stars also have alternate meanings behind them.

Black and blue stars symbolize protection for the farm.

Brown barn stars represent friendship and strength.

A white barn star stands for purity and energy, while a violet star has a holy meaning behind it.

A green primitive star is supposed to bring growth and fertility to the farm.

Finally, a yellow star signifies the love of man and the sun.

Modern red barn with weather vanes and star.

Primitive stars are typically constructed out of metal, but sometimes they are also crafted from a quilt or made using wood. In other cases, they are painted right onto the structure.

quilt barn star
Unsplash/Timothy Eberly

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