Working remotely and skipping the office has become more normal than ever before since the pandemic. One Colorado city was just ranked as a Top 5 best place to work remotely.

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Colorado City A Top 5 Best Place To Work Remotely From

Back before the COVID-19 pandemic began, working from home wasn't all too common. Businesses would lease or buy giant office spaces and a decent majority of us would make the crazy trek daily through lovely Colorado traffic. Let's be honest, any job requiring any amount of time in the morning or afternoon on I-25 pretty much automatically adds 30-45 minutes extra to most commutes, it's just so bad.

When the pandemic began, just about everybody was forced to work from home, especially those in traditional office situations. Even radio personalities and content creators were forced to leave the office for a period of time. I and many others in the industry ended up building studios at home to broadcast from, which was wild. Who'd have thought you could make good radio while sitting in a closet? Working remotely is now more common than ever, and Colorado is one of the best places to do it. In fact, one Colorado city landed in the Top 5 of the best places to work remotely.

What Colorado Cities Are Best For Remote Working?

A recent study done by SysAid, analyzed data from the five years prior to the pandemic, and the two years since it began, which clearly showed a drastic increase in remote working. There are now five times more people working from home since 2020. In their findings, they name Boulder, Colorado as the 4th best place to work remotely in the entire country with 16.60% of its workers, working remotely from home. Other Colorado cities on their best places to work remote are Breckenridge, Durango, Fort Collins, and Denver. The number one place to work remotely from in the entire country? Vineyard Haven, MA.

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