An old movie theater in a small, rural, farm town in Colorado will be reopening after many years of existing as essentially a ruin on the side of the road.

Location of Colorado Drive-Inn Movie Theater

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If you've driven past the town of Center, Colorado, you may have noticed a colorful sign on the side of the road with the word, "Frontier" on it. For many years, that was the Frontier Drive-Inn Theater which sat dark for nearly four decades. However, it will soon be reopening to, largely, a whole new audience.

In case you're not familiar, Center, Colorado is a tiny town in the southern portion of the state:

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Google Maps

Actually, the theater isn't even really in the proper part of the town, but rather, and excuse the pun, left of Center:

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Google Maps

What is Colorado's Frontier Drive-Inn Movie Theater?

The Frontier Drive-Inn movie theater originally opened in its location outside of Center, Colorado back in 1955. As you can see from the photo above, the theater was basically erected on a plot of farmland but attracted plenty of locals and tourists alike.

The theater has an 80-foot screen and will soon be open for business again after many years, but will be better than ever.

What's Colorado's Frontier Drive-In Movie Theater Going to Be Like?

The Frontier Drive-Inn Movie Theater has plans to reopen sometime between September 30th and October 2nd, 2022 with other big plans in the works as well including on-site lodging, (hence the extra 'n' in 'inn,') food trucks, and a variety of films spanning the medium's entire existence.

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