You may have noticed all the million-dollar homes in Colorado that keep getting posted on our sites. Yes, they're beautiful, and yes, they are dreamy. But I'm also one of the many folks in Colorado who struggle to make ends meet. I'm also a Coloradan who will never be able to afford those beautiful homes we see every day.

So when I see those stunning castles, I tend to get sad. I often think about all the times I've come to a crossroads, only to struggle to survive in this world. I know I am not the only one. But what I don't see is Colorado posting enough about the homeless problem we have in our state.

You see many people avoiding them on the streets. You see how others tend to look the other way, and most of the time, we see others disrespecting those in need. Don't get me wrong, it's not everywhere or everyone. But it is enough to notice, and it's a crummy reminder to see what we all fail to possess.

I am not the only one in Colorado who struggles to survive. We have all noticed the ridiculous price of rentals these days as well, and families are getting tossed in record numbers. These high rental prices have forced many families out of their homes and unto the streets.

Before we take a peek at the other side of Colorado. Here are some places that could help those who are on the streets.

Shepperd's Hand  505 S 2nd St Montrose

Montrose Lighthouse Inc. -  3325 N. Townsend, Montrose  "Brown Center" Winter Shelter

Grand Junction Community Homeless - Solarus Square Shopping Center, 2853 North Ave, Grand Junction

Pathways Family Shelter - 562 29 rd. Grand Junction

Now The Painful Pictures...

Getting Evicted because Rent Prices have gone thru the roof.

Families Are Evicted From Homes As Economic Crisis Worsens
Getty Images
ADAMS COUNTY, CO Evicted from their home
Families Lose Homes As Weak Economy, Housing Crisis Drags On
Getty Images
LONGMONT, CO - SEPTEMBER 21: An eviction team removes furniture during a home foreclosure on September 21, 2011 in Longmont, Colorado. The family had already moved out of the four-bedroom house, leaving some furniture to be removed to the street after the sheriff's department served the court order for the eviction. Although sales of previously owned homes have risen nationally, the glut of foreclosures is expected to keep the rise in home values below the rate of inflation for years. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Homeless Camp

Amtrak's Zephyr Train, Offering Spectacular Views Of American West, Under Threat
Getty Images
DENVER, CO - MARCH 24: A homeless encampment is seen as Amtrak's California Zephyr pulls out of the Denver Union rail station during its daily 2,438-mile trip to Emeryville/San Francisco from Chicago that takes roughly 52 hours on March 24, 2017 in Denver, United States. President Trump has proposed a national budget that would terminate federal support for Amtrak's long distance train services, which would affect the California Zephyr and other long distance rail lines run by Amtrak. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Homeless Veterans and their families

Homeless Veterans And Families Celebrate Independence Day
Getty Images
DENVER - JULY 04: Homeless Veteran Families

Sleeping on a park bench

Poor homeless man or refugee sleeping on the wooden bench on the urban street in the city, social documentary concept, selective focus
Poor homeless man

Homeless Animals too

Homeless puppies
Homeless puppies lie on each other to keep warm on the ground Soft focus
Homeless cardboard sign held by man, God bless
Jon Rehg

Homeless cardboard sign held by man, God bless

10 Poorest Towns in Colorado

There's nothing like living among Colorado's gorgeous landscapes; beautiful mountains, rivers, and deserts pepper the state. We all know, however, that the state's economy varies from town to town.

As a whole, 12% of Colorado's population lives at or below the poverty line. Compare that to the national average, 14.8% (2014) and we don't look too bad, but we're not looking too good either.

Just for the record, Grand Junction ranks #200 at 11.43% at or below the poverty level.

Here are 10 of Colorado's poorest towns:

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