Take a look at this amazing footage captured just days ago in Montrose, Colorado. When was the last time you saw footage of our galaxy this clear?

This video out of Montrose went live on September 2, 2022.

Clear Skys Over Colorado

As brutal as the last few days have been with the record-breaking temperatures and complete lack of clouds, current conditions did provide an opportunity to capture clear video footage of the night sky.

Special To This Video

From time to time you'll see people sharing videos of the night sky or astronomical events. It's probably safe to say, though, that you've never seen anyone compose the footage along with a natural brush and an old rusted car in the foreground. That's a neat trick.

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The photographer featured here has shot a number of time-lapse videos out of Montrose.

Other videos feature locations such as Bisti Badlands, New Mexico, and Alabama Hills, California.

How Is This Done?

The website Expert Photography offers a few suggestions for capturing footage such as this. Some of the items on your checklist will include:

  • camera
  • tripod
  • internal or external intervalometer
  • light pollution app
  • food and water
  • something to keep you entertained during the shoot (you're going to be there a while)
  • a dark location from which to shoot
  • good weather

Expert Photography recommends you shoot RAW (uncompressed unprocessed file format) and use your camera's manual mode.

The shutter speed depends on which outcome you're hoping to achieve. A slower shutter speed results in a "star trail" effect. A faster shutter speed will produce a sharper image.

Your camera's ISO should be set high. Expert Photography recommends against using the highest ISO setting since it could result in too much noise.

Who Was The Photographer?

Alton Vance launched his Youtube channel back in 2011. Recently, he's ventured into time-lapse photography.

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