The next time you go out to eat and the server asks you if you saved any room for dessert, you might want to say yes. Especially if you can take a literal whack at it.

One Colorado Mexican restaurant will let you do just that with a chocolate pinata. Hacienda Colorado offers this tasty, yet totally hittable dessert for those that saved room for it.

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The Chocolate Pinata is made from dark chocolate and stuffed with homemade mini churros and fresh fruit. Chocolate sauce and whipped cream made in-house finish off this sweet interactive dessert. With a dessert this cool, you can expect to pay a little bit for the Chocolate Pinata. The price will cost you $25. We say it's well worth the experience. See for yourself:

Where can you find a Cholotate Pinata?

Sadly, you won't find a Hacienda Colorado in any Northern Colorado city. You will have to make a trip to one of the five Denver Metro Area locations or a single location in Colorado Springs. Here is a list of Hacienda Colorado locations:

  • Westminster - 10422 Town Center Drive
  • Lone Tree - 10500 Bierstadt Way
  • Lakewood - 5056 South Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Denver - 4100 East Mexico Avenue
  • Wheat Ridge - 3298 Youngfield Street
  • Colorado Springs - 5246 North Nevada Avenue

I know one thing is for certain... We will be making a trip to Hacienda Colorado soon enough to give our dessert a whack with the Chocolate Pinata. It's simply too fun and tempting not to try.

Not in the mood for dessert? I have been to Hacienda Colorado numerous times. I can tell you that they have some great entrees. I personally suggest the Chile Rellenos, Colorado Changa, or the Carnitas Tacos. Hacienda Colorado has some top-notch margaritas too.

Source: Hacienda Colorado 

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