This week, don't assume that all the mail you receive is junk, because a check from Mesa County may be waiting for you if you are a resident.

According to Mesa County, TABOR refund checks began being mailed on Monday, October 24, 2022.

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Who is Eligible for a TABOR Refund Check in Mesa County?

Any Mesa County resident registered to vote before August 1, 2022, is eligible to receive a TABOR refund check. If your current address was not updated prior to that date, your check may end up as unclaimed property in Colorado.

To see if you have any unclaimed property in Colorado, visit Colorado's unclaimed property website to claim what's yours.

Why are Mesa County Residents Receiving A Refund?

TABOR stands for Taxpayers Bill of Rights. Each year, Mesa County is only allowed to take in a certain amount of revenue, and if they exceed that amount, then the excess must be refunded to the taxpayers.

In 2021, the County received approximately $12.7 million in excess revenues and is now refunding it to Mesa County active registered voters.

How Much is the Mesa County TABOR Refund?

According to Mesa County, there are 103,878 registered voters to split the approximate $12.7 million between.

After crunching the final numbers, Mesa county has announced that registered Mesa County voters should each receive a TABOR check of $122.98.

Those checks are currently being processed and mailed out. Be sure to look through your mail carefully so that you don't throw away that TABOR check.

What To Do With Your Mesa County Refund

After giving the matter some thought, I've come up with some possibilities for spending my $122. Here's a look at what you could do with your $122 refund.

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