Marriage can be a wonderful thing if you're spending your days with a loving individual who doesn't take life so seriously. Of Course, if you're married to someone who always need something to complain about, then your "wonderful" life can turn into every day "chaos." Especially if you have a significant other who always find things wrong with what you do. If this starts to happen, you might wanna sit down and have a deep conversation.

My Marriage lasted 6 1/2 years too long. The simplest answer in why we divorced, I was tired of apologizing for things that I apparently did wrong. Silly things that were not in my control! Here are just a few of the events that apparently needed my apologies and what I did to fix it.

#1 I went to bed without announcing It!  

Young man peacefully sleeping in his bed


Solution: I needed to come up with a song to play before heading up to bed. Good thing I still have my Tuba and Drum Set from Marching Band.

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Marching band

#2 Ruining the couch cushions for sitting in the same place while watching TV.

13th Duke Of St Albans
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Flat Couch Cushions

Solution: While she was at work, I Sold the Couch on Facebook Market Place. Problem Solved!

Couple sitting beside radiator

Couple sitting on the floor

#3. Not being sorry for Mr Holland’s Actions. For the love of God, it’s just a movie! 

Don't you have ANYTHING to say?!

Silly Arguement

Solution: Called Richard Dreyfuss and left a message in regards to his poor decision. Never heard back from his Agent. My ex wife says it's because he felt guilty. oh boy.... I tried to explain to her it was just a movie and the Character in Mr. Holland's Opus wasn't real. Apparently that doesn't matter, He still shouldn't have had those thoughts about cheating on his wife, especially since it was a student! What if kids were watching?!


Man slapping hand on head having regrets isolated on gray background. Negative human emotion feeling

W T * ?!

#4 apparently my steak knife touched the plate too many times while I was eating dinner

Joe Baksi

Solution: Avoid Silverware and just eat with my hands.

i like cookies
Feed Your Face- NO HANDS

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