This past Monday night, I was sitting next to a gentleman, I'll call him "Stan." We were having an intelligent football conversation while I was seated on one of their "Horse A**" stools along the side of Horsefly's main bar. It was College Football Championship night between the Georgia Bulldogs and the TCU Horned Frogs. If you are a football fan, You might have heard the game was a complete blowout. As I was viewing this game of mass destruction, I mentioned to "Stan" that the Horned Frog's name was unique, especially when it came to school mascots. This conversation led back to the "Montrose Indians Mascot Fiasco of 2021".

"Stan" mentioned that his friend from Montrose HS back in the day was the same gentleman who sported the Indian headdress during their games. If you've been to one of the games, you might know the fan.

Stan mentioned that the head-dressed friend should be the official Mascot of Montrose. I'm not sure carrying out a tradition that has been recently changed due to today's culture is the proper way to support our high school youth. But that's a story for another time.

But the tall white man sporting that Indian headdress did propel us into a heavy conversation about a mascot for Montrose.

Here are some other mascot Ideas other folks added to our conversation.

Russ R. -The Marlboro Man (aka Smoking Cowboy

Michael M - A Black Canyon Bear called "Gunny"

Lewis C. - totally agree with Indians

Bobby G. - Rocky Racoon

Dorothy M - Montrose Mouse

Keith H. Dove deeper into The Mouse story

The Mouse was adopted by the City of Montrose as the symbol of a small town that dared to defy the bureaucracy. The idea was sparked by a cartoon, entitled “The Last Great Act of Defiance”, which pictured a small mouse making an obscene gesture at the large eagle swooping down on him.

Scott B. - Mountaineers

Kathy C. - gave us a few more to choose from - Meadow vole, Muskrat, Mountain Cottontail, Montane Shrew

Johnathon W - the Bucks, the Bulls (or Bull Elk), the Buglers, the Fox, the Coyotes, the Black Bears, the Corn Huskers (more Olathe but still works) the Mountain Lions or Pumas, the Bobcats, the Calvary, the Warriors (US Military themed), give me a bit & I'll come up with more.

Carlos F - Elks. That was after he said, HE would make a great Montrose Mascot. Wakka Wakka Wakka

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