We’ve all been there. After a full workday, you get back home only to see that your significant other left a pile of dirty dishes, for you to wash, in the sink. When this happens for me, I just wash them and move along with my day. But it got me thinking, what are those annoying things that your S.O. does?

Talking with friends and other people around town, I’m sure a lot of those annoying habits apply to most couples.

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Beverly told me her man leaves the dirty dishes in the sink most days, and that when she gets home, he’s sitting on the couch watching TV. Her biggest peeve stems from having a dishwasher right next to the sink. How hard is it to put those dishes in it, instead of leaving them for someone else. Right?

Tammy B. says her husband leaves his dirty clothes in a pile on the floor. Then she must pick them up and wash them. I told Tammy I was lucky that my husband puts his dirty clothes in the laundry basket at least.

Samantha’s boyfriend won’t cook dinner for her. That’s not so bad, unless you know that he cooks dinner, just not enough for her too.

Helen is the only one in her household that changes the toilet paper rolls. She said they have three bathrooms in their house, and neither her husband, nor their kids, will change the TP roll when it’s empty.

My really good friend, Lynn, has a rather small house. She was in a hurry to leave, and her husband was walking in front of her. The hallway is barely big enough for one person to walk down. She said he wasn’t really even walking, but meandering in the hall, and taking his own sweet time. She was stomping behind him, trying to get him to move, but he didn’t get out of her way. That’s how it goes – when you’re in a hurry, no one else is. She also told me that her hubby doesn’t put things back where they belong.

I’m not picking on the guys either, as plenty of you had a few things to say about the ladies that annoy you.

Bill told me that his wife is always on the phone with her mom or her sister. I tell ya, Bill, this one is at the top of the list for my husband too.

Trevin P. says his long-time girlfriend makes him lunch every day, but when she makes sandwiches, they are always dry. Trevin, I hope you at least thank her for making those lunches for you.

Derek’s wife moves the seat in his pickup when she drives it and doesn’t put the seat back to the original position when she’s done. That doesn’t seem like much of an issue, but Derek is about 6’4 and his wife is 5’3, so I could see how this would be annoying. I try not to move the seat at all when driving my husband’s truck.

Mark’s wife, Rachel, has a habit of keeping old receipts. Maybe that’s good if you have a home-based business and you need to keep them for tax purposes, but he says she even keeps the receipt if she buys a candy bar.

Tom’s wife always keeps her car key fob in her pocket. The car is sensitive to it, and the lights inside always come on when she walks into their garage. I do that sometimes, and it really annoys my husband too.

Annoying habits or not, we have a soft spot for our S.O.’s and love them anyway.

Annoying Habits of Significant Others in Montrose

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