Being where we are within the holiday season, I'm sure many of you have already completed your Christmas shopping. You may think that this warning won't apply to you, since you already have your gifts nestled comfortably under your tree. However, you should still take heed, because you never know who it'll be, but you can count on one person who will get you a hot gimmick gift for Christmas.

This year's hot gimmick gift is, by far, the Hover Orb, and I'm here to tell you that you're getting more than you bargained for with these little monsters, so if you see one of these under your tree, you'd better keep an eye on it, lest you lose one.

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What's a Hover Orb?

If you're not sure exactly what a Hover Orb is, don't worry: I had never heard of these things either until my wife told me about them a few weeks ago. What I've been told that they are supposed to do is return to you when thrown, like a boomerang but with a fan. Again, I must stress, that's what they are supposed to do...

That is not what the one my wife recently purchased for herself decided to do. No, it decided to fly around my house without rhyme or reason, crashing into almost everything of value in my living room. This includes my Christmas tree, which resulted in breaking one of the ornaments on said tree. To be fair, the ornament wasn't particularly sturdy, nor was it all that important to us. Honestly, I think we got it at a gas station in Florida. Nevertheless, that orb was all over the place, because it most certainly was not done at the tree.

Marking its territory.

Next, it decided to attack my television, and I do mean that it decided. I wholeheartedly believe this thing has a mind of its own and wasn't particularly interested in having a catch. No, it was more into the almost animalistic, territorial way it ran itself, repeatedly, into my TV before shutting itself down. I can't prove it, because I haven't spoken to the Orb since the incident, but I'm certain it was attempting to assert its dominance.

Now, a lot of this could have been avoided had my wife read the directions before she started tossing the thing around. This America, though; we don't read instruction manuals until the absolute last minute, usually after a trip to the ER for bigger items. Since not reading the instructions is the American way, I just wanted to warn you to mind your head this holiday season. What looks like a kids' toy could be whipping at your head, whether your kid threw it at you or not.

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 (To be clear, this is not meant as a product review or testimonial, though my wife was able to get her Orb working. Right after reading the directions, oddly enough... The item linked in this story was not the item my wife purchased.)

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