Christmas is just a couple of days away, and I was thinking what is your Holiday no no? I admit I'm bad about shaking Christmas presents. Well, I've gotten better about it in the last few years. When my husband's daughters were teenagers we would shake the gifts under the tree. My husband would somehow always find out.

boys and girls with Christmas gifts
Sergey Novikov

Now let's talk about sweets, we can overindulge this time of year. Every time I turn around I see another cookie, fudge, and my favorite chocolate-covered cherries. How does a person resist all the goodies? Well, I give up sweets every Lent season. I'm not trying to make excuses.

christmas cookies
Erika Croner

Alcohol can be a bad no-no this time of year. Especially if you can't handle your drinks. Also not to mention drinking and driving is a definite no-no. Call a friend or hand your keys to a sober driver. Plus you may act up at the office party.

Christmas and New year party with friends

Being rude to retail workers is a big no-no too. They are putting in long hours and making sure their customers are happy with their purchases and those hard-to-find items. Please don't take your last-minute shopping stress out on them. I know lines are longer, but being kind doesn't cost anything. Enjoy your holiday season.

portrait of a saleswoman with crossed arms on Christmas

Grand Junction Christmas Traditions We Despise

Recently, I asked friends and listeners to name a holiday tradition they don't really enjoy. Their responses covered everything from food and movies, to music and traffic. Some people love all the wonderful holiday traditions, while others seem to simply hate every last bit of it. Scroll on to see which of these traditions you absolutely love - and which ones you wish would become extinct.


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