Wednesday was an intense and troubling day for many school districts across Colorado including Grand Junction.

Multiple Colorado Schools Receive Threats

Grand Junction High School was one of at least 16 Colorado schools receiving phoned-in threats of violence. Many schools across the state were placed on lockdown as local law enforcement investigated the threats.

Increased Presence at District 51 Schools

Here's what the Grand Junction Police Department had to say about the local threat.

Law enforcement nationwide has received FALSE reports of an active shooter at various schools across the country. Currently, all reports appear to be false reporting to authorities. For the safety of our community, area law enforcement, and D51 security will have an increased presence around our schools. Law enforcement is working in partnership with all schools to ensure the safety of students, staff, and our community. - GJPD via Facebook

All of the calls placed to schools had a common thread - an armed gunman threatening violence at the school. In many cases, the realistic sounds of what seemed to be gunfire were heard in the background. In at least one case, the gunman was said to be in possession of an AR-15 and possibly a bomb.  While the threats were all taken seriously, there was no indication that there ever was a shooter at any of the schools.

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Could It Have Been A Robo Call?

Similar threatening calls were reported recently across the country and law enforcement is trying to determine if these were robo-calls and if they came from within the United States. What's curious about the Colorado threats is the fact that the schools were called in alphabetical order starting at 8:30 a.m. The Grand Junction call came in at around 10:05 a.m. Here are the schools receiving swatting calls, according to 9 News.

Canon City
Clear Creek County
Estes Park
Fort Morgan
Grand Junction
Gilpin County
Glenwood Springs/Carbondale

As common as school shootings have become, each threat has to be taken seriously. It is a very stressful ordeal for parents who are filled with worry about the well-being and safety of their kids. It's a scary time to be a parent, a student, or a teacher.

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