Who else is still paying off the holidays? Who got a pricey Colorado gym membership as part of your New Year's resolution? Well, each month when bills come due, we have had some Grand Junction hates paying. Ok, we hate paying all of them.

Time to sound off together about which bills are most annoying for whatever reason. If you could make them go away, what else would you be doing with the money?

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Colorado's Got Bills, Bills, Bills

The energy bills (heat) are through the room early in 2023. Gas is up, groceries too, and some Colorado residents are getting told their rent is going up this year. The cost of everything is squeezing everyone. Which bill squeezes you the most?

Sometimes Bills Feel Like a Ripoff

When you tell us which bill you loathe the most, tell us why. Jess Dunbar, Laurie Stein, and Jeremy Loftin have us all hating our property taxes with their comments. Christopher has me convinced I need to check how much I'm overpaying for insurance. Join us in sounding off with the links below.

What Else Would You Do With the Money?

Take the bill you hate the most and pretend it went away. Now, how would you spend the money? Hopefully not on something that requires a monthly payment. That would be another bill. Be sure to keep listening for details on how you can WIN CASH this spring with our station app. 

Bills Grand Junction Loathes Paying the Most

We all have bills that show up every month that we can't stand to pay. Which one annoys you the most? Does it feel like a ripoff every month? Those bills are the worst. Sound off with us on our station app about the bills that you shake your fist at each month when they are due.

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