A TikToker is being dragged online after uploading a video of herself hopping onto one of the props that is part of a Disney World ride.

Emily Bleier, who posts to TikTok under the handle @embleier, shared a video of herself customizing her experience on Space Mountain. In the brief clip, she can be seen running around another person walking down a hallway. Bleier then climbs a barrier and sits down in the middle of a vignette that is designed to replicate a futuristic banquette.

"The only reason I ride Space Mountain," she captioned the upload.

Check out the video below:

Bleier's video went viral on the app and amassed nearly 130,000 views and more than 3,500 likes. However, it does not appear that the response was totally positive.

The TikToker turned off comments on that video in particular. However, critics flocked to her other videos to leave negative comments about her Disney World antics. Many accused her of breaking Disney's rules for online popularity and threatened her with the possibility of a lifetime ban from the parks.

"Bruh you're the reason Disney is no longer fun," one person wrote on another recent video. "Literally having to ruin everything for clout."

"Have fun with your lifetime ban," another commented.

Critics also started a thread on Reddit to discuss her actions.

"See the thing is I, as a 'Disney adult', have never had the impulse to do any of this weird stuff we're seeing so much of," one person opined. "I quietly wait in line, I take pictures, I ride rides, I sit and enjoy the ambience of the different lands. I'm not sure why suddenly every other 20-something needs to do something obstructive, obnoxious, damaging, or against the rules to have fun."

Another user implied people want to go viral and get banned from the Disney parks as it gives them something to talk about for more successful videos.

"It's all about the dopamine hit from 5 seconds of fame," another added.

However, some people have come to Bleier's defense.

One Reddit user pointed out that "a subset of young guests at Disneyland" have always acted this way. However, they argued that social media makes it more obvious now than in the past.

Others on TikTok asked to see any photos Bleier took on the prop. Another user came to her defense about the possibility of being banned.

"I hope you don't get banned," they wrote. "you have good [content] and your 'stunt' was innocent. keep up the good work! don't listen to the haters."

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