Is there someone you know who keeps their Christmas tree up in Colorado all year? Maybe not the Christmas tree, but maybe the Christmas lights stay up all year? I say good for them!

The holidays are all about celebrating. If putting the tree up the day after Halloween floats your boat then go ahead and put up your tree. Do you put up all the holiday decorations on the same weekend? Does putting up the tree also mean lighting up the house?

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We Want to See Your Christmas Tree

No matter when you put up your Christmas tree this year, if you are putting one up we would love for you to share a photo of it with us. Once you have it all decorated, snap a photo with your phone and send it to us with the station app or send it to our FB page.

We Also Want to See Your Christmas Lights

This season your holiday light display could score you a $500 grand prize from our sponsors Trimlight Grand Mesa. We'll be talking more about this by mid-November. Are you planning to decorate your house like Clark Griswold? You should absolutely be sure to enter this contest with our station app. 

So When Do You Put Up the Tree at Your House?

More than a few Christmas trees have been up since Halloween time around Grand Junction. Ya can't beat excitement. If putting the tree up a little early this year helps keep your family smiling, then I say the perfect time is now.

Grand Junction Tells Us the Best Time to Put Up the Christmas Tree

When is the best time to put up your Christmas Tree? Is there even a wrong time? The best answer is to put up your tree whenever you and your family feel the time is right. Scroll on to read different reasons for putting up the tree as early as Halloween, to those who wait until Christmas even to trim the tree together.

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