I know, I know, you woke up expecting to win that 1.9 billion dollar Powerball Jackpot. Only to find out it was delayed for the first time in its history about 9 hours overnight due to "security protocols." The delay came as the Powerball jackpot reached a world record of $2.04 billion, breaking Powerball and United States lottery records. It's the largest Powerball jackpot and lottery jackpot in United States history.

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An abundant stash of cash like this gets a lot of us thinking about what we would purchase. With a windfall like this, it becomes more than just a car, house, or family vacation. We are talking about a BIG BUCKS purchase. So we asked the question on our Facebook page and here are some of the answers you gave us:

Hey Colorado, what local Place/Thing would you purchase with your Powerball Billion dollar budget?

Robin Bishop Says, "Every property! Then rent them for a fee they could afford! If rent is paid and the property kept up I'd sign it over. Their forever home!"

Glacier Park Red Cabin
Isolated Red Cabin

Faye Roberts replied with, "A complex for disabled veterans that includes houses for vet and family, horses, healthcare, daycare, church, cafeteria with good food and an awesome library."

Danny Trejo And Trejos Tacos Partner With The Everest Foundation And The Westside Veteran Administration To Assist Homeless U.S. Veterans
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t Homeless U.S. Veterans

O'Toys, A Ouray Colorado Independent Toy Store  · Main Street Ouray!


Kathy Galvan answered the question, "A mountain, and I'd put a small cabin on the side of it, hidden in the trees."

Prospectors' Cabin
Getty Images

Homemade Cabin

Christi Thompson says, "I’d help get help for our homeless"

Large Swathes Of U.S. Under Excessive Heat Warnings

Jody Dilley Lots and lots of hunting property

Hunters going through rural field towards forest during hunting season
Getty Images/iStockphoto

As for me? Michael Moon In The Morning - I would buy Bandimere Speedway and the Old Heritage Square Location and rebuild a new Theme Park.

European Drag Racing Championships
Getty Images

Racing Championships

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