I grew up in Colorado and have been very proud of our state for many years. That was until the pandemic, which seemed to bring out an influx of hatred, racism, and bigotry among many Americans. It seems these days that hatred has become the main topic of this political season as well. Everyone appears to either be out for revenge or overly emotional.

I consider myself a Coloradan as opposed to aligning with any particular political party. I try to surround myself with happier and kinder individuals, which seemed to be easier many years ago than it is today.

I love Colorado natives who don't judge someone by their looks or preferences and want to help their neighbors when they can. Not everyone hates, I get that, but there appears to be quite the rise within the Centennial State.

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How many times have you heard, "We hate Californians." "Texans need to 'go back where they came from.'?"

Ask any Coloradan, and they will tell you they have heard these hateful sayings many times. My question is this: "Are these statements that make you proud to be a Coloradan?"

Hate has become overwhelmingly distracting in our world today. What other people do in their life should be none of your business.

Here are 4 Politically Driven Hot Topics that get Coloradans worked up these days:

#1. Why Does Someone's Skin Color matter so much to you?

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#2. Why do you HATE everyone who moves here from out of state?

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#3 Why does someone else's sexual preference matter so much to you?

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#4 Why are you making someone else's Abortion YOUR business?

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