Hard work is done in Colorado every day, and now one company is showcasing that on national television.

TV personality Mike Rowe is known to get his hands dirty and has a popular new show called How America Works with Mike Rowe, which recently featured a company located in Colorado.

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GCC Rio Grande Cement Plant

The GCC Rio Grande Cement Plant is located in Pueblo, Colorado, and is responsible for manufacturing cement, concrete, and coal. The plant opened in 2008 and produces 1 million tons of cement each year.

According to the Pueblo Chieftan, the plant employs 84 workers along with over a dozen corporate employees.

How America Works with Mike Rowe seeks to

showcase the many individuals that work round the clock to keep our infrastructure in working order.

Mike Rowe and his crew spent a week and a half on-site at GCC to try to capture just how hard and essential this job truly is.

Concrete Makes the World Go Round

The episode is said to shine a spotlight on the importance of concrete production, as it is the second most used resource after water.

The plant is run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides concrete across Colorado as well as Salt Lake City, Kansas, and Minneapolis.

“You’ll marvel at their skill, tenacity, work ethic, and commitment to get the job done. You’ll also see first-hand what a profound impact they have on every aspect of your daily life,” Rowe stated to the Pueblo Chieftan.

The episode premiered on October 31st and is available to stream via Foxnation.

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