If you're ready to take the title of "husband" or "wife," but aren't quite ready for wedding bells, then you may be interested in Colorado's common-law marriage.

According to Colorado state law, common-law marriage has a long history, it is a valid form of marriage and is even considered legally binding.

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What is Common Law Marriage in Colorado?

Common-law marriage is an alternative to ceremonial marriage or marriage through the court systems. Common-law marriage is a simple way to become married without all the "bells and whistles," and is still considered legally binding.

There are only three requirements for common-law marriage in Colorado.

  1. Both parties must be free to enter a marriage (AKA Single)
  2. Each person in the marriage must be eighteen or older, if they are between the ages of 16 to 18, appropriate parental or guardian consent must be received
  3. Both parties must mutually consent to marriage

And for those wondering, same-sex couples can also be married by common-law.

Is There A Time Requirement for Common Law Marriage in Colorado?

There is no time requirement to become married by common law in Colorado. There is also not a cohabitation requirement for common law marriage in the state of Colorado.

Do I Need Evidence of Common Law Marriage in Colorado?

While it may seem surprising, official verification of a common-law marriage isn't exactly available.

However, those who need documentation of the marriage can sign an affidavit of marriage in front of a notary. Keep in mind that the affidavit IS NOT a marriage license and will only be filed as a document with the County Clerk and Recorder in the county of residence.

How Do You End A Common Law Marriage in Colorado?

Unfortunately, while a common law marriage is easy to get into, it's not quite as simple to get out of.

If the courts determine you are in a true common law marriage, the only way to end the marriage is through a divorce, annulment, or death.

Even if you move to another state, your common law marriage is still valid and legal.

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