When you think of Colorado, you probably picture magnificent drives over the state's gorgeous mountain ranges. Here's a short list of some of the most beautiful roads.

Check out the gallery below and you'll probably find at least one road trip on your bucket list. Some of these are easier than others, and not all are open year-round.

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Scratch a Few Items Off Your Colorado Road Trip Bucket List

Would you be surprised to know that some of Colorado's most beautiful roads are not that long and don't necessarily require tremendous amounts of time to drive? A handful on this list requires less than an hour to complete.

Sources For This List

Since it seemed wise to find incredible drives in locations across the Centennial State, several different travel sites were utilized for this list. Popular travel sites such as Territory Supply, Earth Trekkers, and Fox in the Forrest offered information about Colorado's best drives.

With the endless list of amazing roads throughout Colorado, the three sites listed above all agreed on some of the best. Trail Ridge Road, for example, was considered by all three to be among Colorado's best roads.

Important Things To Know

Some roads, Pikes Peak, for example, take you to the top and then back down again. Some roads on this list are loops. Courtesy of Earth Trekkers, here's a quick rundown of road trip terminology:

  • Scenic Byway - A scenic route or tourist route; a specially designed road or waterway that travels through an area of natural or cultural beauty.
  • Mountain Pass - A navigable route through or over a mountain range.

Every Road On The List Has One Thing In Common

In addition to being located in Colorado, each of the roads on this list has one thing in common. Every road featured here is paved. The featured roads won't be sending you into 4X4 country or any other off-road adventure. These are drives.

It is important to note that not all of the roads on this list are open year-round. Most are, but a few aren't. This is Colorado, so even interstates have the potential to close temporarily during extreme weather.

Stay To The End

The last road featured on the list is one you're probably not familiar with. It's unique, a bit odd, and looks like fun. You'll have to share the road since it's only one lane. Pay attention because there are no guard rails, and it's a 450 drop if you miss a turn.

These are the Most Beautiful Roads to Drive in Colorado

Are you looking for the perfect Colorado getaway? Is time something you don't possess in abundance? All you need is half a day, in some cases even less, to enjoy these awesome Colorado roads.

White Knuckle Your Way Down Colorado's Most Dangerous Roads

Slivers of asphalt cling to mountainsides with barely enough room for a subcompact car, let alone the monster RVs peppering the roadways. Blind corners leave even the most experienced drivers wondering what awaits around the bend. Let's not forget the thousand-foot drops with nothing between safety and impending doom but a thin slice of gravel -- talk about white knuckles.

If you're brave enough to "risk your life" for beautiful views, you won't be disappointed.

How many of these dangerous roads have you traveled in Colorado?

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