When I think of James Bond, I don't necessarily think about snowboards or snowboarding in general but I stand corrected because of my horrible memory.

It was in the James Bond classic "A View To A Kill" that pretty much debuted the snowboard to millions of people worldwide when he went flying down the mountain avoiding a bunch of crazy people trying to kill him.

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This historic snowboard is now on display at the Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail. The museum's executive director Jennifer Mason said

“It was James Bond, and it was all of sudden James Bond and snowboarding collided and elevated the sport.”


“It's got all the makings of all this cool, amazing story,” said Mason. “There is a snowboard scene in this movie and we actually have the board that was used.’


If you forgot about the scene (like me) or simply haven't scene it, here it is:

YouTube/Ellis 007 Bond


The movie "View To A Kill" came out in 1985 and snowboarding was first introduced to Vail Mountain in 1989 and it's been sweeping Colorado and the world for that matter ever since then.

So there you have it, a little slice of history and coolness is on display for all of us to check out right here in the great state of Colorado.



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