It turns out that stand-up comedian Amy Schumer is a fan of Colorado, and honestly who isn't?

Amy Schumer is preparing to drop season 5 of Inside Amy Schumer on Paramount Plus on October 20, 2022, but fans were recently treated to a hilarious clip before the season premiere.

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Amy's Mock Colorado Tourism Video

Amy starts off the video with the typical Colorado bragging points - fresh air, gorgeous mountains, and of course, beautiful wilderness. Schumer then slyly points out the amazing services offered in Colorado that are:

All as legal as a fresh mug of hot cocoa is refreshing.

From there, various women are featured discussing why they made the trip to Colorado, and just how critical access to Colorado truly is.

Colorado Protects Women's Rights

Schumer's mock tourism video for Colorado is undoubtedly a stab at the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Now individual states have the right to set their own law on abortion, with several states surrounding Colorado completely banning abortion entirely such as Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Currently, Utah, Wyoming, and Nebraska have varying limits on abortion after their state's all-out bans on the service were blocked.

The abortion bans in states surrounding Colorado have led to a dramatic increase in abortion calls coming from outside the state. Axios reports that in 2021, abortion providers received 14% of calls from outside of Colorado, but since Roe v Wade was overturned, 50% of calls are from outside Colorado.

Thankfully Governor Polis signed HB22-1279 which doubles down on women's reproductive rights in Colorado now and forever.

While Amy Schumer presented this topic in a humorous fashion, the reality for women living in states without abortion access is nothing but.

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