Get ready, a new home decor and do-it-yourself store is set to open this weekend in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Fall is here, and hopefully, your life is settling down. If you're looking for ideas and advice regarding sprucing up the home, this new shop may be precisely what you've been looking for.

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New Store On 1st Street In Grand Junction

Please make welcome Rustic but Elegant Home Decor and DIY, home decor and design shop opening this Saturday, October 1, 2022, at 815 North First Street. You'll find it in the unit right next to Mad Margarets.

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Waylon Jordan
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What Do They Do?

The business Rustic but Elegant has been around for some time. According to their Facebook page, "Rustic but Elegant is a page all about Home Decorating. It is about Interior Design as well as Art."

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Waylon Jordan

What Does The IOD Sign In The Window Refer To?

IOD refers to Iron Orchid Designs. Visit their official webpage, and you'll see they offer a variety of transfers, paint inlays, stamps, and molds.

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Another Awesome New Grand Junction Business

Can you believe the assortment of amazing new businesses opening in Grand Junction, Colorado? In the last few weeks, we've seen the opening of a new locally owned and operated gym, Industry Strength, on North Commercial Drive just up the hill north of Sam's Club.

When it comes to restaurants, the last month has seen the opening of the new Taco Bell in Orchard Mesa. This last summer saw the opening of the new Subway just a few doors down from Taco Bell. People are already flocking to Jersey Mike's and Mod Pizza.

It won't be long before the Grand Valley welcomes Five Guys, Culver's ButterBurgers & Frozen Custard, and before too long, The Human Bean.

I'm Excited About This New Home Decor Store

I moved into my house precisely three years ago. Since then, the walls have all been retextured, and all new ceilings have been hand-textured. The walls were then sealed with what I believe to be the last batches of oil-based sealer to be found in Colorado.

As of today, September 29, 2022, I have a house with nothing but bare walls all painted in Cotton White. There's not a single picture to be found on a wall. I'm starting to feel as though I've been institutionalized.

Along comes this new business,  Rustic but Elegant Home Decor and DIY, and they may be just what the doctor ordered. If you're like me, you love "local." You also probably love owner-operated businesses with experienced staff on hand.

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