How many times have we seen it. We go looking for a new place and then come across "THE" place to eat. Bon Ton was that place for me, Bon Ton was our "treat" once a month. We loved the drive to Ouray from Montrose, and well Ouray. Need I say more.

If you've never been, you missed out. The Beef Wellington was my personal reason for the trip. My sister loved the Chicken Marsala, my brother was partial to the Lobster Ravioli. Some of which I stole off his plate when he left to the men's room. (He did notice when he returned) I personally think he should have been a CSI with that keen eye.

So, what I'm saying as I ramble on to my required 250 words. It held some great memories for my family. I'm sure it has some great memories for you as well.

When I had heard the doors closed, I wept. No more Bon Ton.

Ugly Cry
Ugly Cry
Michael Moon In The Morning on KUBC GOLD

Wait a minute, this just in. No, say it to be true. I just saw on INSTAGRAM that Bon Ton is coming back.

Please say it's True. Well, IT'S TRUE. Or should I say "Wellington" it's true!

You see what I did there?

For your eyes as well as mine.


Michael Moon In The Morning KUBC GOLD

Welcome back our Friend. Can't wait to see your new digs in Ridgway. I now have a shorter drive from Montrose to your Beef Wellington. SEE YOU SOON.

"I swear I just heard my tummy growl" - Michael Moon

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