The other night my little dog Deuce was growling close to midnight. Sure enough, Deer were in the yard. Mule deer are seen in town quite often. When I lived in Helena Montana there was a flock of deer around my car one time and I froze until they moved on.

What kind of deer will you find on the western slope?

Mule deer,  get their name from their big ears and other features that resemble a mule if you happen to see them up close at the right angle. Now white tail deer are usually in more densely forested areas.

Are Montrose county ranches good for deer?

Actually, Elk and deer populations continue to grow in leaps and bound. Ranches in Montrose county provide excellent harvest opportunities for elk, and mule deer.

Why are so many deer in town?

What used to be considered the country, is now neighborhoods of people as the city has expanded with new housing developments. I live downtown and deer are in my yard sometimes weekly.

I enjoy getting out on the golf course with my Husband. He golfs I just ride in the cart for relaxation. We have seen many deer at various courses. Divide Ranch in Ridgway had the most. But Devil's Thumb in Delta had many too. One time we were at Black Canyon National Park and there was a large buck right in the parking lot near the visitor's center. Tourists were trying to pet him, which is a no-no. As you drive around the western slope you will more than likely encounter deer, please be careful as they do get close to the highway.

Urban deer around Montrose Colorado

Beautiful deer



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