Have you seen all the restaurants that have opened recently in Grand Junction?

Grand Junction Still Waiting On Cracker Barrel

We are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Cracker Barrel in Grand Junction out by Mesa Mall. That seems to be the restaurant that has everyone's attention and the anticipation is growing. Perhaps, in 2023 we'll see some physical developments on that front at the old Sutherland's location. The Cracker Barrel website indicates the company expects to open 3-4 new restaurants in 2023 but does specify locations. We are hoping 2023 is Grand Junction's year.

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It Feels Like In-N-Out Is On the Way

Many of us are also waiting anxiously for In-N- Out to come to Grand Junction - which seems inevitable. Locations are popping up on the front range including Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Thornton, Aurora, and Lone Tree. A new location is set to open in Denver after the first of the year.


When the company announced it was building a distribution center in Colorado Springs, it became evident that multiple In-N-Out locations would be built in Colorado. It certainly feels like it's just a matter of time until In-N-Out opens in Grand Junction. I'd be surprised if they aren't already scouting out possible locations in Grand Junction.

New Restaurants Come To Grand Junction In 2022

Several new restaurants opened in Grand Junction in 2022 - and we know that more will be opening soon. Pizza, burgers, and ethnic restaurants have recently been added to the Grand Junction landscape. How many of Grand Junction's new restaurants have you tried?

More New Restaurants That Have Opened In Grand Junction

It can be hard to keep track of all the new restaurants popping up in Grand Junction. Here's a look at some of the new restaurants that have recently opened - and some that are coming soon.

Grand Junction Area Restaurants Our Parents Used To Take Us To

If you grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado, you probably visited Talley's, Sambo's Western Sizzliln', or possibly even the Oasis Restaurant. Most of these places are long gone. Dig deep into your memories and you may remember some of these Grand Junction area restaurants where our parents used to take us.

Grand Junction Colorado Area Bars That Were Too Much Fun In The Day Part II

Did you find yourself spending quality time at the old Double R Bar in Grand Junction? How about Cahoots? The Silver Fox? Perhaps you spent a few paychecks at The Rose, or maybe even The San Antonio Rose.

I asked on Facebook, "Name a Grand Junction area club/bar that was way too much fun back in the day." Your answers came rolling in by the ton. Here's another gallery with your answers.


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