Colorado is a great place to ski. From Aspen to Telluride, there are plenty of places to go in our great state if you're looking to slide down a mountain on increasingly smaller planks of wood. If you can't tell from that description, I am not among the Colorado skiing population. I prefer warmer activities, myself.

However, if you do love to get out in the snow, cutting lines, shredding, and whatever other words the cool kids use to describe skiing and snowboarding, I've got news for you. Due to an overabundance of snow, the skiing season just got a little bit longer. At least, that's the case at one Colorado resort.

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Steamboat Resort, specifically, announced that they would be extending their ski season by one week, through to April 16th. What was the cause of the extension, you ask? Well, they've only recorded about 336.5 inches of snow this season, so I can't possibly guess what would make them want to do that...

All kidding aside, this is only the third time in the resort's 30-year history that the ski season has ever been extended, so this isn't an everyday occurrence. In fact, by the time we reach the end of their extended season on April 16th, current estimates say that the resort could see more than 400 inches of snow. That's a feat that has only been reached eight times, so this is definitely a historical situation.

While it's probably too much to ask for a further extension of the season, what with all that snow and everything, the bottom line is that 2023 is shaping up to be a banner year for hitting the slopes.

Thanks to The Denver Gazette for the heads up.

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