I've said this many times before, but Colorado is a great place to live. So much so, in fact, that we've had a bit of a population boom over the last 20 years, as people fall all over themselves to hurry and move out to the Centennial State. I'm not entirely sure why...

The influx of transplants is, of course, the bane of many Colorado natives, and you can't go three minutes without hearing complaints about all the new neighbors, especially the ones from California. Lucky for you, our most modest of citizens, it looks like the great Colorado migration may be at its end if current trends are to be believed.

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According to recent data, Colorado saw fewer new residents in 2021 than at any time since 2005. It seems as though the allure of the Mile High City is no longer as attractive to movers as it was at our peak of migration in 2015. I'm sure the pandemic and all sorts of other random nonsense that seems to be the norm these days played their part, but maybe this is a sign that, as more and more states legalize things, we need to come up with a new hook to draw numbers.

Again, slower migration rates are no doubt music to the ears of Colorado natives and bros across the Centennial State. However, if we really want to take over the outsized influence New York state, and specifically New York City, currently holds over America, we need to get those numbers back up! Denver needs to be a hot city, again, and it's up to every Coloradan to make sure that happens.

That, or you could just stay home. Either way is fine with me; I'm non-committal, that way.

Thanks to FOX31 in Denver for the data.

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