Colorado is no stranger to bizarre weather. Every native knows the Centennial State could have a storm one minute and sunshine the next.

Residents have also experienced their fair share of extreme weather phenomena. From hailstorms to tornadoes to avalanches — Colorado sees it all.

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Given the Centennial State's wacky weather, it's not surprising that Colorado also has some insane temperatures. But just how insane are we talking?

According to, Stacker recently analyzed data from the NOAA's State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) to find each state's coldest and hottest recorded temperatures — and Colorado's are pretty crazy.

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Based on Stacker's research, the Centennial State was coldest on February 1, 1985, when temperatures dipped to a freezing -61° F in Maybell.

Daniel Bowman // Unsplash
Daniel Bowman // Unsplash

Colorado's hottest moment occurred on July 20, 2019, when temperatures at the John Martin Reservoir hit a sweltering 115° F. Yikes.

Scott Goodwill // Unsplash
Scott Goodwill // Unsplash

However, that's not all that Stacker found.

The website reports that Colorado's 2013 floods caused El Paso County to receive nearly 12 inches of rain on September 12 — and in 2021, Colorado's Silver Lake experienced almost 76 inches of snowfall in just 24 hours.

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It's easy to hate Colorado's unpredictable weather, but it does make our state even more beautiful — just check out these avalanche-formed rock glaciers in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Are you craving more craziness? See Stacker's list of the most extreme temperatures in every state in the gallery below.

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