Montrose, Colorado has plenty of history to be proud of, and so much of it comes from downtown. That's why we say "Historic Downtown Montrose." It isn't just a tagline, but a true point of pride for the community. If you happen to have a spare million or two, a piece of that history could soon be yours.

Formerly Tiffany, Etc.,  the Lathrop House property at 718 E Main St. is now on the market as a home. It also holds the distinction as being a recognized, nationally registered, historical landmark. The US Department of the Interior recognized the house's historical status in 1988.

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The home was constructed in 1902 for J.V. and Emma Lathrop. At the time, it was the most expensive home built in the area, and that extravagance still shows through to this day; 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and more living space than anybody but the Incredible Hulk would find excessive. It also boasts an impressive wrap-around porch that was designed by Emma Lathrop, personally.

The property has recently been re-painted, and it looks beautiful. It really needs to be seen. It's likely you already have, due to it's prime position on Main St. Again, the property was also home to Tiffany, Etc. for many years, which adds just a little bit more modern history to an already-historic house.

With a price tag of just-under $1.3 million, it's likely to become another business of some kind. But, while it is on the market, it's definitely worth checking out, if for no other reason than to say that you've been inside the Lathrop House. Listing at

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