Just when you thought you'd seen it all, another marijuana-themed activity gains popularity in Colorado.

Keep scrolling to learn about Colorado's Cannabis Golf League.

What is Colorado's Cannabis Golf League?

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Colorado's Cannabis Golf League was founded in 2019 by a group of people that saw an opportunity to create a fun, marijuana-themed group of like-minded individuals.

Currently based in the Denver area, the Cannabis Golf League's mission is to connect like-minded people and make meaningful connections, to create a relaxed and productive environment, and to do it all with a shared enthusiasm for the sport of golf as well as marijuana.

According to Colorado's Cannabis Golf League's website, the league brings groups of people in the cannabis industry together and in addition to having fun while playing golf together, sees business-related things accomplished while networking.

If this sounds like fun to you but you aren't much of a golfer, the Cannabis Golf League also goes on ski trips during the winter to accomplish the same goals of growth while simultaneously having fun.

What is Colorado's Cannabis Golf League Doing this Year?

The league is hosting a total of five games this year, the first of which took place on May 18th, and will culminate in a final tournament at the end of the season.

The league's next round will take place at Overland Golf Course on Thursday, June 15th, with round three at Indian Tree Golf Club on July 13th, and round four on August 17th at Fossil Trace Golf Course.

Finally, the big finale, called "Buds N' Birdies Golf Tournament" will take place on September 7th at Willis Case Golf Course.

Check out the league's website for any further info.

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