A road trip to Colorado's four corners region is a chance to see the state's second most popular National Park and several of our National Monuments. If your summer travel plans are taking you in this direction, you might have a chance to stay in one of the most popular Airbnb locations in the Centennial State.

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KKCO News 11 says the Sage Canyon Cliff House Airbnb is the most 'wish-listed' Airbnb in Colorado these days. Keep reading to take a virtual tour of this home built for two guests and is part of the historic McElmo Canyon outside of Cortez, Colorado.

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Colorado's Most 'Wish-Listed' Airbnb

Colorado's most 'wish-listed' Airbnb is part of a private area of McElmo Canyon about 20 minutes outside of Cortez and about 40 minutes from Mesa Verde National Park. It's closer to Colorado's Canyon of the Ancients National Monument and offers incredible views of Colorado's Sleeping Ute Peak.

National Monument/National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is Colorado's second most visited National Park behind Rocky Mountain National Park. During the summer months, guided tours take visitors into the oldest structures built by humans in the state of Colorado.

To the North of this Airbnb, Colorado's Canyon of the Ancients National Monument continues the story you can learn about at Mesa Verde, and this rental property also includes a couple of 1000-year-old petroglyphs you can examine while you stay here.

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Sleeping Ute Peak

You'll notice in the photos below, you can see Colorado's Sleeping Ute Peak, also known as Ute Mountain. The mountain stands at 9,984 feet and stands as the Northern boundary of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Reservation in Montezuma County.

Photos: See Inside Colorado’s Most ‘Wish-Listed’ Airbnb Location

Take a virtual tour of Colorado's most 'wish-listed' Airbnb in 2024. Stay near the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument at Mesa Verde National Park in the private Sage Canyon Cliff House.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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